About TaxBootCamp.co.uk

At TaxBootCamp.co.uk we’re on a mission to empower sole owner businesses to take control of their business finances giving them the knowledge to do their accounts and tax returns themselves by showing them the easiest and cheapest of ways to keep on top of things.

We’re here to help you to understand your business finances, avoid mistakes, know how your business is doing, identify areas where the finances need attention, appreciate what needs to be filed and when, as well as allow you to budget for your tax bill as you go.

All but the tiniest of businesses have one thing in common - they have to prepare annual accounts and file tax returns with the authorities.

Often this is seen as difficult, a chore or something that an accountant would take care of at the end of the year.

Accounting is easy if you’ve been shown how to do it and we’re here to show you how!

How it works

TaxBootCamp.co.uk hosts a plethora of resources about accounting and tax for sole owner businesses - from courses to get you started through to a repository of useful articles and essential information. 

There’s free courses, paid for courses or if you become a member you’ll get access to everything for life!

Membership includes being able to ask us a general question or even suggest a topic that we should cover in more detail.

Lifetime Membership of TaxBootCamp.co.uk is by way of a one off fee of just £100.

There’s no renewal charge and the membership does not expire at any time.

Once you join the content is free to use for life!

Included in your membership

Lifetime membership and unlimited access to TaxBootCamp.co.uk

Access to all courses – as often as you like

Ask us a tax and accounts question – we’ll add the answer into FAQs

A repository of useful articles and essential information

Up to date information on Making Tax Digital

FAQs covering things you’ll need to know

Suggest new topics that you’d like us to cover

A regular round up of hints, tips and answers to questions asked

A safe pair of hands to support your DIY accounting journey

How courses are added

New courses will be published on a regular basis especially as the world of accounts and tax changes.


All content in TaxBootCamp.co.uk is written by a qualified Chartered Accountant.

The answers to any questions you ask us will also be constructed by a qualified Chartered Accountant.

This gives you the peace of mind that the content is right at the time of publishing.

TaxBootCamp.co.uk can be used as your sole resource for all things related to accounting and tax for your business or as a supplement to the help and advice from your accountant to reduce your accounting fees enabling you to just engage your accountant for the things that you cannot do yourself.

It’s up to you but the more you do yourself the better control you’ll have over your business finances and the lower your accounting fees will be – a definite bonus in these hard times!

And with Making Tax Digital for Self Assessment coming soon  more will be demanded by HMRC from every business. Getting your accounting on the right track will make tax doable regardless of whatever HMRC may throw at you!

Being a member of TaxBootCamp.co.uk means you have a safe pair of hands to guide you through the myriad of accounting and tax regulations in a language that you’ll understand and in a way that you can do!

For a £100 lifetime membership that’s a tax allowable business purchase that should make sense.